Testimonial – First Time Home Buyers Drew & Josy

I recently had the pleasure of working with first time home buyers Drew & Josy.  When asked if they’d provide a testimonial for my website, I was truly blown away by their kind words.  Learn more about their experience, and what you can expect, whether your a first time home buyer, or seasoned buyer/seller. – Karen xo

Karen Syroid is what the Real Estate industry should strive to be. As first time home buyers my spouse was informed by a coworker of their excellent experience they had working with Karen. We were remarkably nervous and anxious in the beginning but Karen washed all of that away with her seasoned expertise, excellent people skills and warm personality. She loves what she does and it glows through her.

Karen excels with first time home buyers, she aims to reduce the stress and worry that comes along with your first home purchase. She has the patience of a saint, she does not mind repeating answers to questions you ask more than once. Karen also teaches you things that you might of not known about at all. All of this information comes to you at your own pace, in the end you feel fully informed about your home and it helps greatly as you take your first steps in your new home.


Our first meeting she had us enter her cozy office where we sat down and she asked some probing questions to get an idea of who we are and what our preferences are. She listens intently to you and will ask further questions or clarification to ensure she has a good idea of what you might be looking for.
Karen takes this information and applies it to a clientonly web application that connects you directly with her. You will be able to view a range of properties and leave comments for Karen. It uses a “Thumbs up/down” system so you can start filtering out homes you don’t feel meet your needs and wants. In addition to this very handy resource Karen embraces all forms of technology new and old to provide her clients information in the medium they choose.


She has many useful resources at her disposal and she openly shares them with her clients that will help you even after you move in. Karen is connected through many people in different service industries that can help you tailor your new home the way you like. If you make the choice to employ one of these service professionals you may find you might be eligible for discounts or services like a free pool inspection for being under the safe wings of Karen. Even after we bought our home Karen has stood by us and provided outstanding advice to us that we treasure.


Karen acts as a “Devil’s advocate”, if you become excited and say “This is the home Karen, this is the home!” Karen will act as a limiter and point certain things out and check to see if you accept potential defects or problems with the property and what you could do to fit the home to your preferences. On the other hand, if you keep walking away from every home you step into with Karen, she will check in to see what your thoughts are with the properties using what you dislike to guide you towards homes that accommodate you.


In our situation we found that once we started viewing properties that we previously thought met our interests, they simply didn’t. Karen noticed this promptly. She questioned us further in each property we visited that lead to filtering out additional homes, this tailored our experience. At the end of our first viewing she put up more properties in her web application directly after that fitted our needs and wants. It was amazing, after two appointments with Karen she already had a clear vision of what we were looking for, this lead directly to us finding our home.


I’ll always remember the day when we viewed the listing of the home we ended up falling in love with and moved into. It was early morning, I was sipping coffee browsing new listings from Karen and there it was. As I looked at each picture I became charged with so much excitement. With shaky fingers I excitedly texted my spouse “I think this one is the one..” Within the hour of informing Karen of our interest of the property she set up a viewing later that day. That early evening we put in our first ever offer. They accepted it.


Karen using her veteran skills worked hard on our behalf and positioned our offer in such a way that it blew away other competition from other buyers who also wanted the property. She even got our price down, twice for some minor defects with the home that we were willing to deal with. A note to first home buyers; your home will most likely have something you don’t exactly like. Karen works with you and sees what you can, and cannot deal with. She provides advice on how to get your home to feel like, your home. She will find you people that can consult you on issues like this and how they can resolve them for you.


IMG_9626With our first home, just like most people it was critical for us to get it right. We wanted to take a family photo with the sold sign to keep as a memento of our first steps into a new life. There was a slight confusion within the listing agent’s team, rather than put a sold sign up, they took the whole thing down! Do you know what Karen did? She drove out of her way to our home with her signs and took pictures for us. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that for the rest of my life. I can still see how genuinely excited and happy she was for us as she took our pictures.


To repeat, Karen is what the Real Estate industry should strive to be. She raises the bar higher than any could hope to reach on their best days. She loves what she does and you can tell. If you are considering shopping for a home, you first need to shop for your Realtor. Make the right choice, choose Karen Syroid.